Top 2 easy exercises to relieve lower back pain

Back pain is becoming so common these days that every other person is complaining about it. It is the worst because, one cannot get used to it as it keeps on increasing day by day. One cannot sleep at ease while having the back pain especially if it is the lower pain.
Taking medicines will heal it for a shorter span of tie, exercise is the only way to heal it properly or avoid it beforehand.
Here are the simple and easy exercises to relieve lower back pain:
1.    The partial crunches
If you are looking for some core strengthening workout then this one will be your best pick.
When you are doing the partial crunches then you can strengthen your stomach muscles as well as lower back.
2.    Hamstring stretches
For hamstring stretches you will need a towel so that you can do this exercise.
You need to lie on your back and bend one knee, put a towel beneath the other foot. Pull the towel slowly where you will feel stretch on the back of your leg. You need to hold this stretch for 30 seconds, repeat it 5 times.

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